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 December 22nd, 2015  | Accounting


The traditional role of asmall business accountant in Nigeria is really changing. In the previous years in Nigeria, A small accounting firm, would class a good small business accountant as one of the fundamental requirements when starting a small accounting firm. Their support and guidance towards all matters concerning the starting of a small accounting firm to offer small business accounting services, was perceived as essential in order for a small accounting firm or business to acquire success. The perceived importance of the role of small business accountants play with small accounting firms has been increasingly been brought into question as the internet has grown and developed. The advice that the small business accountants used to charge for regarding company formation, company structure and Value Added Tax (VAT) registration is now largely available on what we call the internet.Additionally, the rise in online accounting software has made it easier than ever for small accounting firms to keep their company books in order. This article focuses in the reasons why small accounting firms opt for online accounting software for their small business firms which offer small business accounting services.

This literally improves their business performance; this really gives a big advantage to the business, since you are going to take care of the accounting yourself other than outsourcing them. The biggest advantage of taking care of your small accounting firm financial affair is that there becomes a greater accountability to deliver. Software gfor small business accounting allows small accounting firm owners to be much closer to the financial affairs than when they are outsourced. One of the risks of outsourcing all financial management to a small business accountant is that it stifles people from within the business talking and engaging about disciplined financial management. Taking control of financial affairs internally within tour small accounting firm increases engagement and collaboration across the business to improve the company’s financial status.

The software for small business accounting has become very user friendly with a very interacting interface, with many products available that do not require the user to have any accounting knowledge at all. This allows a tradesman and sole traders to be able to use the small accounting firm software very easily without any complications.

Even though you sign confidentiality agreements with your chosen small business accountant the main fact remains that you are disclosing private information regarding your business strategy and performance to a 3rd party . I can’t deny there can be advantages to this like gaining a second opinion on the company’s performance there is also a risk that the information that the information is getting to a public domain. The software for small business accounting allows you to keep all your confidential information inside the small accounting firm.

Then lastly is that the software does not get tired it can work for literally twenty four hours for the seven days of the week without getting tired. This is very useful than a human being. You will never be worried with the time frame of reporting to work or the time work is closed in the evening. And you can never be charged overtime for the extra hours worked. Accounting, Tax, Audit and Investigation services in Nigeria 08038460036

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