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Inner Konsult Ltd carries out professional services on company income tax services for  business owners and  companies. We provide are a reliable provider of timely Accounts, financial and taxation Outsourcing Services. Please contact us for the service and read more about  company income tax  needs  below;

            Company Income Tax (CIT)

  • All companies incorporated in Nigeria with the exception of companies engaged in petroleum
  • All non-resident (foreign) companies that earn or derive income from Nigeria.
  • All organizations limited by guarantee (institutions of public character or charitable organizations) engaged in profit making activities other than the promotion of their primary
  • The liquidator, receiver, or agent of liquidator or receiver of any taxable company or


  • Registration of companies with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) for CIT purposes.
  • Preparation and filing of the company’s annual companies income tax returns with the
  • Processing and obtaining Tax Clearance Certificate(TCC) for the Company
  • Liaising with the FIRS to resolve queries and issues relating to CIT if any
  • Representing the company at tax audits conducted by the FIRS and other regulatory authorities and resolving issues that may arise therefrom
  • Review of corporate tax records to determine extent of compliance with enabling legislation and identify areas of potential exposure
  • Provision of advice, based on experience, on the tax implication of new laws,transactions and services.
  • Review of corporate tax records to identify possible tax planning opportunities to legitimately determine corporate tax exposure.
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