Audit Services

We provide statutory audit and financial management services to International organizations, Government Corporations and Parastatals, and Commerce.

Our approach in this area is to relate your needs (statutory wise and policy guidelines of the instrument that governs the existence of your organization or company) to the operation of these organizations. Audits are conducted in accordance with national (ICAN) and international (IFRS) accepted auditing standards. We make use of computer assisted techniques and software especially, where such organizations have computerized their operations. This method assists us to interrogate all your accounting software in order to form an opinion on their ability & efficiency.


Documents are prepared by the auditors appointed .We examine and certify the accounting records and financial position of a firm. It must be filed every year by an incorporated or registered firm (along with its audited financial statements) with the appropriate regulatory authority also called audit report.

Forensic Audit

To determine if a company’s financial statement is lawful, forensic audit is required. It is the process of reviewing a person’s or company’s financial statements to determine if they are accurate and lawful. Forensic accounting is most commonly associated with the IRS and tax audits, but it may also be commissioned by private companies to establish a complete view of a single entity’s finances.

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