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Personal Income Tax in Nigeria

 December 20th, 2017  | Nigerian Tax, Tax

Resident and non-resident individuals of a nation are subject to personal income tax (PIT) imposed upon them by that nation’s government. The income tax policy in Nigeria has gone through major updates in recent times. Individuals, whether resident or non-resident, in Nigeria are subject to tax under Personal Income Tax Act (PITA) as amended inRead More

Online Tax Services

 December 20th, 2017  | Nigerian Tax, Tax

Online tax services are one of the best features that any organization can embed within its structure to make sure that the best is provided to the operations that are being carried out. In most of the countries of the world there are large organizations that normally hire the online tax services to ensure thatRead More

Internal Audit Report Format

 December 20th, 2017  | Accounting, Audit

Internal Audit Report format is one of the most important documents that make sure that the best is provided to all the stake holders as soon as the audit ends. Internal audit report format is actually a predefined document according to which the auditor presents its findings and recommendations to the company. It is alsoRead More

Income Taxes

 December 20th, 2017  | Nigerian Tax, Tax

In Nigeria the Income taxes are calculated according to the self assessment that is done by the companies and the individuals themselves. It is also recommended to get a service that provides such assessment within no time and also makes sure that the business or the entity gets the deductions in the best possible manner.Read More

Income Tax

 December 20th, 2017  | Nigerian Tax, Tax

Income tax in Nigeria is calculated and collected according to several acts and the underlying provisions to make sure that the process remains safe and smooth for the government as well as the taxpaying entities. Following are some of the most important acts according to which the tax is calculated within the country: Petroleum ProfitRead More

Income Tax Services

 December 20th, 2017  | Nigerian Tax, Tax

Income tax services are one of the most important aspects of the business that should be considered very carefully as the idea is related to government interference in the business. Income tax services hired by the business should be a combination of efficiency and effectiveness due to the fact that the idea is not simpleRead More

Income Tax Questions

 December 20th, 2017  | Nigerian Tax, Tax

There are several income tax questions that a user needs to answer in relation to the returns that are filed with the government. The income tax returns are always filed according to the questions and answers that lead the government towards the fact that the tax calculation is done in a straight forward manner withoutRead More

Income Tax In Nigeria

 December 20th, 2017  | Nigerian Tax, Tax

Income tax is one of the most important components of the economy of any country and when it comes to the Nigeria the laws and related regulations make sure that the life of the tax payers is always eased so that the inflow of cash for the government remains there to support the public welfareRead More

Free Income Tax Filing

 December 20th, 2017  | Nigerian Tax, Tax

Nigeria has enforced double tax treaties with several countries of the world including Belgium, Canada, China and Pakistan. All the foreign companies that are working within the country also enjoy deduction in the income tax on the foreign profits that they have made. It is also to be noted that Nigeria is a member ofRead More

File income tax

 December 20th, 2017  | Nigerian Tax, Tax

To file income tax in Nigeria has been made very easy by the government and for the same reason it is also to be noted that in the recent years the economy has seen an increase in the income tax earnings of the government. Formerly the file income tax laws were not strict and theRead More

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