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Income Tax In Nigeria

 September 21st, 2016  | Nigerian Tax

Income tax in Nigeria is a relatively broad term and it includes several types of incomes taxes that have been imposed on the individuals as well as the companies that are working in Nigeria. Following are some of the mist important income tax terms that are used when it comes to Nigeria: Rental Income taxRead More

Audit report 4

 September 20th, 2016  | Audit

Businesses spent enormous time in compiling their financial records and information in an accurate manner. However it all goes in vain if the correct audit reports are not presented in line with the general accounting requirements of the industry. The audit reports are considered to be the primary tool which ensures that the best hasRead More

Audit report 3

 September 20th, 2016  | Audit

Audit is the most important financial action that is taken by any company and the businesses in this regard make sure that the process is carried in line with the requirements. The audit’s outcome is a report that is known as the audit report which is considered to be the best and the most authenticRead More

Audit Report 2

 September 20th, 2016  | Audit

ICAN or the Institute of Charted Accountants of Nigeria is the sole governing body which ensures that all the accounting and auditing standards are met in the organizations doing businesses in the country. When it comes to auditing the most important part is that of Audit report and for the same reason while teaching theRead More

Audit Report

 September 19th, 2016  | CAC- Corporate Affairs

The term audit report refers to the disclaimer that has been issued by the internal auditor or the external one showing all the stakeholders, investors and the board of directors that what has been done while the accounts were being checked. The effect of the audit report is always multidimensional and for the same reasonRead More

Audit Report in Nigeria

 September 19th, 2016  | Audit

The audit report reviews revenues collected by Government Agencies on behalf of the Federation and payments made by the companies operating in Nigeria, such that these transactions follow the international standards and rules. For instance, audit report for oil & gas industry in Nigeria is prepared by chartered accountants appointed by National Stakeholder Working GroupRead More

Accounting Small Business 1

 September 19th, 2016  | Accounting

Accounting small business is done in the best possible manner if the system is implemented to make sure that the best is provided to the business owners especially during the startup. The accounting small business should consider that each and every Naira counts and therefore the spending is done in the best possible manner notRead More

Accounting Small Business

 September 19th, 2016  | Accounting

Small business owners must keep a very close watch on the daily activities that are being carried out in relation to their business to make sure that their business activities remain in line with their desires. It will also make sure that the idea of accounting small business also gets to new heights as itRead More

Accounting Service for Small Business

 September 19th, 2016  | Accounting

Accounting and finance are two of the most important services that a business should focus on to ensure that smooth running of the operations. Accounting services for small business depends upon number of factors for its successful execution and the owners should keep in mind that a good accountant is a key to success andRead More

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